Comprehensive ManPower Providing Service

We offer a range of services to meet the needs of our clients in line with the ever changing landscape of compliance in the region. Our recruitment team has access to a rapidly expanding database of locally and regionally available candidates of all disciplines and skill sets. In tandem with our international partners we benefit from having access to a large pool of candidates from Turkiye, Europe, USA and Asia We support clients who operate in the Oil & Gas, Process and Petrochemical Industries, Energy, Water and Waste, Infrastructure, (road and rail), General Construction. We have specialist recruiters for all disciplines in addition to supporting Commercial, HSE and Quality Assurance departments. We have extensive experience in the following fields of activity:

SHUTDOWN PERSONNEL We have and continue to support the shutdown and outage needs of our clients in the region. We can source, trade test, locally accommodate, transport, payroll & mobilise/ demobilise specialist teams of personnel to carry out complete plant outages. We offer a proven end to end service with complete transparency to meet the client’s specific needs.

RECRUITMENT CAMPAIGNS We organise both local and international recruitment campaigns for clients wishing to hire specific numbers of personnel. We have successfully carried out campaigns in the Middle East Countries as well as in Europe and Asia. We provide a complete service including the sourcing of candidates and venue arrangements. A project team supports the campaign to ensure smooth operation and successful completion.

CALL-OFF CONTRACTS Many of our clients require short term personnel on a call off basis. We can provide a tailored service to meet client needs and ensure complete compliance. These contracts generally support commission & start up teams, inspection and NDT activities and ad hoc specialist personnel.

OTHER SERVICES We support special technical labor force such as "Commissioning & Start-Up Engineer Team, Turbine and Rotary Equipment Alinghment Team, Turbine and Rotary Equipment Maintenance Team, Oil Process Commissioning Team, Special Welder Team, Special Management Team, etc..."


General Profile of the Candidates

  • We take time to understand your requirements and using our global talent pool, offer a bespoke solution to your permanent hire challenges. Our broad portfolio of services and wide network of recruitment centres, giving access to a large pool of multidiscipline competency assured personnel, enables us to assist our clients to meet this challenge during all project phases, including:
  • Turbine_Mechanical_Supervisor High_Skilled_Welder_Providing High_Skilled_Pipe_Fitter High_Skilled_Rigger

    Our Skilled Team

    • Project Managers
    • Planning Engineers
    • QA/QC Engineers
    • Instrumentation Engineer
    • Site Engineers
    • Test Engineers
    • Automation Specialist
    • Relocation Specialist
    • Commissioning Supervisor
    • Plant Operation & Shift Team
    • Skilled MIG/TIG Welders
    • Skilled Pipe Fitters
    • Skilled Mechanical Technicians
    • Skilled Steel Structure Technicians
    • Skilled Scaffolding/Rigger Technicians
    • Skilled Insulation Technicians

    Assets/Facility Types

    • Offshore and Onshore Oil, Gas and Energy Plants
    • Refineries & OnShore Terminals
    • Pump & Compressor Stations
    • Flue Gas Treatment Plants
    • Water Treatment Plants
    • Oil&Gas PipeWorks
    • Simple Cycle Power Plants
    • Combine Cycle Power Plants
    • Diesel Power Plants
    • Chemical Processes and Plants
    • Drilling Rigs
    • Rotary Equipment and Auxiliaries
    • Heavy Duty Machine Lines & Equipments
    • Factory ReLocation Projects
    • Industrial Plants Erection Projects
    • Industrial Plants Commissioning


    • Project Management
    • Computer Aided Planning
    • Project Control and Superintendent
    • Document Control
    • Quality Surveillance
    • Mechanical Installation
    • Electrical Installation
    • Pipeline Installation
    • Enstrumentation & Calibration
    • Electrical Cabling & Panning
    • Electrical Termination
    • Automation Programming and Upgrading
    • Steel Structure Erection/Mounting
    • Machine Line & Process Assembly


    • Machine & Equipment Assembly
    • Machine & Equipment Alignment
    • Turbine & Engine Assembly
    • Gas Turbines Erection/Commissioning
    • Steam Turbines Erection/Commissioning
    • Diesel Engines Erection/Commissioning
    • Natural Gas GenSet Erection/Commissioning
    • B.O.P. ( Balance of Plant ) Erection/Commissioning
    • Power Plants Maintenance & Turbine Maintenance
    • Gas & Diesel Engines Maintenance
    • Chemical Processes Erection/Commissioning/Maintenance
    • Machine, Turbine, Equipment Decommissioning
    • Relocation, Marking, Labeling, Packaging
    • Power Plant Operation, Production Operation

Training and Assessment

To ensure the correct selection and continued development of your workforce we offer targeted employee training solutions and assessment programmes.


All trainings are conducted accordingly to EN ISO 9712:2012 and Ue PED directive. To meet the growing international demand for workers who are trained to the highest professional standards we provide high quality education and training. Our courses will give you the tools you need to further your professional development. At the same time we’re helping the offshore and onshore industry to build more efficient and competent workforce. Each member of our team shares enthusiasm to see a job well done, a dedication to health & safety and a commitment to pass their knowledge to others. We want our Clients to feel welcome and comfortable. We make our training experience positive and fulfilling every time. The quality of our service has been confirmed by an ISO 9001/2008 certificate issued by the Lloyd’s Register. Please don’t hesitate to make us aware of your preferences or specialist needs. We can design courses specific to your learning objectives. All of our trainings bas on european ISO quality norms

Welding Technologies Traning Maintenance Technologies Training NDT Test Methodes Training Industrial Alignment Solutions Turbine and Engine Boroscope Inspection Pipeline Isometric Training Gas Turbine Training Diesel Engine Maintenance Training Steel Structure Erection Training Erection & lifting Studies Training Erection and Rigger Training Valve and Rotary Equipment Training

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