Relocation Engineering Services Comprehensive Industrial Relocation Engineering Service

Relocation Engineering Solutions

We offer a full package of services for the dismantling of plant, transportation and reinstallation at the new site. Our factory relocation project management includes consultation, planning, risk analysis and implementation through milestone objectives to completion to carry out your project efficiently, within budget and on time. Disassembling, Transport, Reconstruction and Other Services Related to the Relocation Projects.

Brand new isn't always the only option. Sometimes, constructing new process, industrial or power plants isn't the best approach for a number of reasons: cost effectiveness, fast-tracked scheduling or environmental issues, for example.

As part of our factory relocation services we use a wide range of mobile cranes, fork-lifts and lifting gear to manoeuvre machinery, plant or equipment onto and off appropriate transportation vehicles. Our transportation service capability includes of heavy plant & machinery. Plant Relocation BERR Industry is a trusted partner in relocating existing plant infrastructure anywhere in the world. We can assist you in the turnkey dismantling, transport, and re-construction of plant equipment, machinery, and systems. The typical stages of our factory relocation services will include the following aspects:

Relocation Steps:

  • Relocation Management and Planning
  • Plant Dismantling / Decommissioning
  • Pipe Lines and Equipment DisAssembling
  • Steel Structures Dismantling
  • Machine Line and Equipment Removal Works
  • Mechanical & Electrical Match Marking and Labeling
  • Equipment Packaging and Loading
  • Tranportation and UnLoading
  • Equipment Mounting / Assembly
  • Machine & Equipment Overhaul/Refurbishment
  • Automation UpGrading and Commissioning
  • Civil and Construction. Ground Works.
  • Electrical and Mechanical Tests and Commissioning

Our Experienced Service-Engineers Provide the Following Activities:

  • Planning, organization and supervision of entire relocation process
  • Assistance and supervision of disassembly, transportation and reconstruction
  • Implementation of upgrades, optimization strategies and other improvements
  • Procurement and delivery of additional components and spare parts
  • Machine Lines, Industrial Processes, Chemical Plants, Cement Plants
  • Textile Factories, Treatment Plants, Steel Factories, Industrial Furnances
  • HFO / LO Diesel and Gas Engine Power Plants, Gas Turbines, Simple & Combined Power Plants
  • Compressors, Seperators, Chillers, Condensers, Pump Stations

Relocation Engineering Solutions

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